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Fraser's Affiliate Marketing Blog

It’s been fun but the time has come

Posted: 09 Oct 2012 07:22 AM PDT

After limping along for the last few years I think this will probably be my last ever post on this blog.

Road Closed

I started the blog back in February 2006 and it grew over the next couple of years to have 1000 subscribers and 34 podcasts ranging from one-to-one interviews to group discussions. All great fun but in more recent years I’ve had less to say about the industry and less involvement in it. I’m still working hard as an affiliate and running a number of sites but I just get on with that rather than writing about it.

Life is changing though and at the end of October I’ll be starting a full time job working with my church in Edinburgh. My faith in God has always been central in my life so this is a good opportunity to put it into practice. I’ll be spending time visiting folks at home and in hospital as well as putting more time into our community outreach work. I’ll also be glad to speak to real people in a day instead of staring at a computer screen. The church is based in the centre of Edinburgh so all visitors welcome if you are in town one day.

Affiliate marketing has been good to me and I’ll always love the industry. I was never cut out for making the progression to “Performance Marketing”….

but I’ll still be working away as an affiliate in my spare time. It’s not retirement, more of a step back.

So thank you for reading my posts, listening to the podcasts and having discussion in the comments (blog comments! Remember them in the days before twitter ;-) ). It’s been great fun but for now it’s so long and thanks for all the fish :-)

p.s. anyone want to buy a great domain name for a blog about being an affiliate?